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Pen printing is carried out by using several printing techniques. Techniques are selected with the goal of having the best cost-effectiveness and achieving a good price-quality ratio, while satisfying your needs and budget in the best way.

Our techniques for pen printing are as follows: Tampon and silk-screen printing.

A cliché applies a colour on a pen. These are the most favourable types of pen printings and are used most frequently when letters and some less demanding logos are printed. They are mostly used for printing in one, possibly two colours, in large series. They are unprofitable concerning lower circulations.

Direct printing on flat-bed printers

Direct printing is performed on so-called flat- bed printers. The pens are placed on a tray that the printer pulls in and applies the colour onto their surface. The print is stable and very detailed and every single detail may be visible. This will fulfill the requirements of the most demanding clients. The advantage of this printing is that full colour applications are well worth doing concerning lower and greater circulation.